What is Stretch Marks? Stretch marks are scars that type when there's destruction of elastic and collagen fibers inside the skin, ordinarily brought on by a stretching from the skin. The lines are formed since of your decreased thickness from the dermis and epidermis. They might scratch and burn, but they ordinarily don't show symptoms with their onset. Click on this link: como tirar estrias marks and understand more particulars


You can find two sorts of stretch marks: the recent stretch marks and old stretch marks. Once they are recent they are of pink or purple colour, already the old ones turn out to be whitened. The pink or purplish striae are current, may have mild itching and are accompanied by a neighborhood inflammatory procedure; Currently white as they are older, there has currently been a more intense atrophy of collagen and elastic fibers, and there's no inflammation involved. In men and women with dark or black skin, the streaks may appear darker than their skin tone.


Stretch marks generally form when there is stretching of the skin, which is usually brought on by a rise in physique volume. This increase may happen since of pregnancy, weight obtain, breast implant placement, anabolic use, or hormonal factors which include the usage of estrogen and adrenocortical hormones. Prolonged use of corticosteroid treatments also can trigger stretch marks in the physique. Genetic aspects could also be involved.

Risk factors

In women it is actually additional frequent to find stretch marks around the flanks, thighs, buttocks, abdomen and breasts. It happens quite a bit when the woman enters puberty, grows incredibly rapid, or gains weight within a short time. In adulthood, stretch marks within the abdomen and sinuses may seem for the duration of pregnancy. Yet another widespread trigger now could be the appearance immediately after placement of silicone prostheses, because of abrupt tissue distension. In men, it truly is additional prevalent in the shoulders, arms and back. Those who undergo excessive bodybuilding or abuse of anabolics would be the probably. In males, weight achieve and abrupt growth are also causes of stretch marks.

Seeking healthcare help

Abrupt, wide striae can be a symptom of endocrine issues in addition to a doctor should be consulted. But, generally, the stretch marks result in a far more aesthetic discomfort, and this is already reason for the search for a treatment.

Diagnosis of Striae

The dermatologist may possibly request some tests if he or she feels that you will find related illnesses or even refer the patient to a specialist.

Treatment of Stretch Marks

The effectiveness of the treatment will rely on the stage at which the striation is, the location where the stripe lies and its thickness. It's significant to try to remember that there is certainly no total remedy, but there is certainly significant improvement in its appearance. Patient genetics, race, age and also the production of individual collagen are things that also influence the results in the therapy.
Additionally, the earlier you get started treatment, the superior the probabilities of positive benefits. There are many varieties of treatment, from topical creams, application of acids, laser and peeling. The dermatologist could be the most appropriate skilled to diagnose and prescribe the remedies, he will evaluate which or which treatments will bring you improved final results. Here are a number of the most indicated procedures:

  1. Retinoic acid: can be applied at dwelling even by creams as well as the patient makes use of the acid to stimulate the production of collagen inside the region exactly where there is certainly striation. It is actually critical to help keep the skin often moisturized
  2. Microdermabrasion: Promotes stimulation to reorganize the tissues with the stria and facilitates the penetration of other substances, like retinoic acid. Care needs to be taken to avoid bleeding on site
  3. Infrared: the penetration of infrared light produces a rise within the temperature within the dermis, reaching 65 ° C, causes collagen disintegration, contraction in the same, and stimulates the production on the new collagen with remodeling of your dermis, thereby modifying the appearance with the stria Ablative and fractional laser: it really is a fantastic remedy option, features a controlled thermal damage and needs few sessions. This system is productive on old stretch marks. A disadvantage with the remedy is the discomfort at the time with the applications
  4. Non-ablative laser: it has precise strategies that do not hurt the epidermis, as a result, may be realized in any form of skin and time from the year, however they demand a higher variety of sessions
  5. Subcision: surgical process in which an suitable needle ruptures the fibrosis trammels generating a hematoma inside the location, and may perhaps associate this treatment with stria suture or filling with the atrophic areas with hyaluronic acid.